travel together

We are a small independent travel company that specializes in bespoke group travel. travel together We want to bring together like minded people who share our passion for travel and some adventure to create a community across the UK and beyond.We run social events, predominately in the Midlands, Brighton, Manchester and in the South West, at the moment, but watch this space as we are always on the lookout for hosts to join our team to bring social events to a town near you!We run many different trips and each and every one is designed with the group at the heart of it. Some maybe short city breaks where there is a lot of freedom to choose what you do and where you would like to go. путешествия We also do 5 or 6 night breaks where there maybe elements of activities and time with the group and then some free time built in too. And then there are the long hauls. Most of our long hauls include a lot of group activities, whether its transfers or days out, culture, meals or just exploring, most of this is done with the group. When it comes to places like Japan, there’s really no substitute to having a specialist local guide with us at all times.So far we’ve explored 5 continents and over 30+ countries, but it’s a very BIG world and we’ve barely scratched the surface! People travel for many reasons and everyone has their own reason, so here at Travel Together, we aim to bring people together to experience things ‘Together.’ A shared experience can be fantastic, someone to bounce ideas off, someone to discuss the days adventures and events or just someone to share pictures with when we get back. So why not sign up for a social event near you and come and meet us and the team, you just never know, you may just meet a new travel friend or two!